Notification/Wait List for COVID-19 Vaccine Scheduling

To ensure we have adequate vaccine and staffing to fulfill appointment requests, the Coastal Health District has temporarily paused appointment scheduling for new requests.

If you would like to be notified when appointments become available, please fill out the registration form below.

Registering online does not guarantee a vaccination appointment; it simply gives us a way to notify you when the appointment process is back underway.

If you do not have access to email and prefer notification by phone, please scroll to the bottom of the page for a list of telephone numbers to call.

To see a list of other vaccine providers in the state of Georgia, visit

Notification by Phone

If you would like to be notified by telephone when appointments are available for COVID-19 vaccinations, please call your health department at the telephone number below.

Chatham County Health Department(912) 230-5506
Glynn County Health Department(912) 264-3961
Bryan County Health Department (912) 230-5506
Camden County Health Department(912) 882-8515 or (912) 576-3040
Effingham County Health Department(912) 754-6484
Liberty County Health Department (912) 876-2173
Long County Health Department (912) 545-2107
McIntosh County Health Department(912) 832-5473