COVID-19 Data and Charts

The home page of this website shows a daily snapshot of the cumulative total number of COVID-19 cases and deaths for each county in the Coastal Health District. This information is updated each day after 3 p.m.

For more detailed information, visit one of the following pages:

Daily Average of New Cases

Is our local outbreak growing, leveling off, or declining? These charts show the trend in new cases for the Coastal Health District and all 8 counties.

Updated daily

Daily Case Rate per 100,000

Rather than just evaluating your county’s number of new cases, this daily case rate also factors in your county’s population. This can give you a better understanding of local virus transmission relative to population size.

Updated weekly

Community Transmission Index

The community transmission index calculates the number of new cases in your area over the last two weeks, and factors in your population size. Generally, an index higher than 100 indicates significant virus transmission.

Updated weekly

Hospitalization Data

These graphs show the daily total of COVID-19 positive inpatients in our area’s major hospitals. The information may be helpful in understanding the severity of the current outbreak, and whether hospitalizations are increasing or decreasing as a result.

Updated daily

Cases & Deaths by Age

The graph on this page shows COVID-19 confirmed cases and deaths by age group in the Coastal Health District.

Updated weekly

Cumulative Cases

The graphs on this page provide a daily record of the the cumulative COVID-19 case count for the Coastal Health District and all 8 counties.

Updated daily

Cumulative Cases by Zip Code

These graphs show how many confirmed cases have been diagnosed in residents of each zip code of the Coastal Health District.

Updated weekly

Weekly Testing Numbers & Percentage Positive

You can track the weekly COVID-19 testing numbers for the Coastal Health District and each county. You can also track the percentage of positive tests processed through our main laboratory.

Updated weekly

Statewide Data

The Georgia Department of Public Health provides an update on COVID-19 activity across the state each day at 3 p.m.

Updated daily