Enrolling as a COVID-19 Vaccine Provider in Georgia

To be a provider of COVID-19 vaccine in the state of Georgia, you must first enroll and be approved as a provider so you can place orders for vaccine.

In order to receive shipments of COVID vaccine when in it becomes available, you will need to complete an online enrollment application. The Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions & Services (GRITS) has added a new functionality to allow COVID-19 Providers to submit their Enrollment forms electronically versus paper form. Please click on the link to be taken to the GRITS homepage: https://www.grits.state.ga.us/.

If your facility doesn’t currently have a GRITS account, your first step is to enroll on the website by clicking ‘Register Now’.

The enrollment form can be accessed by clicking the ‘pandemic enrollment’ link found under the ‘Enrollment’ tab.

After choosing the appropriate site to be enrolled, please read both the “Pandemic Enrollment Letter” and “Pandemic Provider Enrollment Checklist”…Now you are ready to Start Enrollment

Links for the mandatory trainings are listed and will allow for upload of certificates upon completion. Electronic signature and license number of Medical Director and Chief Medical Director Required.

Once GIP fully processes your completed enrollment application, they will send a confirmation email to you. That email will contain your approval, your PIN, and an order survey to complete your first vaccine order.
Complete the order survey using the PIN provided to you (do not include the preceding GAA). Please take a screenshot of the last page as confirmation for your records.

You will receive an email when your order has been placed.

Please send any questions to: DPH-COVID19Vaccine@dph.ga.gov.