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There are many different reasons someone may choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19. The following stories highlight real people sharing their personal reasons for vaccination.

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I chose COVID-19 vaccination because

… my health affects the health of those I’m around.

Although I wasn’t fearful for my own life, I got the vaccine because I know that my health affects the health of those I’m around. Additionally, as a Christian, I try to live by the example of Christ. He taught that we should consider others as more important than ourselves and lay down our lives (and preferences) for others. I was able to do this by taking the vaccine so that I can serve others by remaining a safe person to be around.

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Mary Ellen S., Savannah

… I don’t want to give the virus to my grandmother.

I got vaccinated for peace of mind that I wouldn’t give the virus to my grandmother or maybe even end up in the hospital myself.

Mandy A., Brunswick

… I want to love my neighbors and keep my beloved congregation safe.

As a pastor in this community, I got the vaccine to love my neighbors. I didn’t want to be another case our neighbors working at the hospital had to deal with in an already busy time. I wanted to get the vaccine so I would not be another person transmitting this virus in our community, risking mutations. And finally, I did it to keep my beloved congregation safe.

Katie C., First Baptist Church, Savannah

… I caught COVID 8 days after I got married. COVID is no joke.

I received the shot for the health and safety of others, including my parents who are over 65. I caught COVID 8 days after I got married in June. This was probably the hardest thing because I couldn’t be around my husband or kids who all tested negative. God really tested my vows real soon. Being enclosed in a room for 14 days with body aches, loss of taste and smell was no joke. The shot was something to truly be thankful for, especially because it can protect me and others around me.

Shayla P., Brunswick

… I can sit by and hug my 95-year-old granny again!

“I got vaccinated so I can sit by and hug my 95-year-old granny again! Also, I work for public health so I walk the walk and talk the talk!

Nicole S., Brunswick

… we have a daughter with special needs. It was very important to protect her.

I was vaccinated back in mid December on the first day we were eligible. My husband works for our hospital and was vaccinated a week after me. We have a daughter with special needs and both felt it was very important to be vaccinated to protect her. She was also vaccinated once she was eligible along with my other daughter in college. We plan on vaccinating our 12 year old daughter now that she is eligible also. We trust the science, and since both my husband and I work in healthcare, we feel we have to set the example for our family and community.

Donna R., Brunswick

… I want to protect my family.

“I decided to get the vaccine because I wanted to protect my family. I didn’t want to be the one who gave them covid. I got vaccinated at a time when they couldn’t get it yet, and I felt being vaccinated would in some way protect them. I also got vaccinated because there was a lot of hesitancy in the black community about the vaccine, and I wanted to be an example to show that the vaccine is safe and effective.”

Kayon F., Brunswick

… my husband travels a lot for work, and he has asthma.

“My husband and I both participated in the vaccine trials – Savannah was the largest trial site in the country. My husband travels a lot for work, and he has asthma. It was really scary to get on an airplane at the height of the pandemic, but if he doesn’t travel, we don’t pay our bills. He enrolled first, and luckily he got the vaccine and not the placebo. Once we saw what a great experience he had, I decided to enroll too.”

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Michelle S., Savannah

… I am a 23-year breast cancer survivor.

“I am a 23-year breast cancer survivor, and part of my treatment was stem-cell transplant. I receive influenza vaccine and have had pneumonia vaccines to protect me. I feel defending myself against Covid-19 is as important as defending myself against flu and pneumonia. I also want to protect my family and community.”

Cindy G., Springfield

… I want to protect my staff and our customers.

“At Neighborhood Comics, our community comes first. Because our staff members got the vaccine, we’re modeling our favorite superheroes and proving our commitment to keeping our neighbors healthy and safe. We miss getting together with our tribe in person. By getting the vaccine, we’re taking a big step to getting back to normal and celebrating the things we love with our community.”

Lee H., Savannah

…I want to be an example for others, especially my children.

“The reason I decided to get vaccinated was because I am working in the health field and I felt I needed to protect myself as well as others from spreading the virus, and because I wanted to be an example for others, especially my children. Also, with how this virus strain is changing, it’s best to be on the safe side.”

Alicia S., Savannah

… I practice what I preach.

“I chose to get vaccinated because as a public health nurse, I believe the only way to increase vaccine awareness and decrease vaccine hesitancy is to practice what I preach. I wanted to protect myself, protect my family members, and show the community that the vaccine is not harmful in any way. I also really want to go on a cruise : )”

Sierra P., Savannah

…I want to be a role model for my patients.

“I decided to be vaccinated because, as a nurse, I want to be a role model for our patients and for my family and friends. When I wear my DPH scrubs or shirt out in the community and people ask, ‘have you been vaccinated?,’ I can proudly tell them yes, and have a conversation about why it’s important and answer any questions they may have. That interaction just might make the difference by helping someone not be afraid or dispelling any rumors/myths they have about the vaccine.”

Jennifer R., Savannah

… we are here to serve.

“At first I was hesitant about receiving the vaccine, but after looking at research and thinking of not only my public health job but also my family and friends, I knew it was the right choice. In order for us to lead people to getting the vaccine, we ourselves need to be a testimony for them. We are here to serve, and in serving we must learn to practice what we preach.”

Catina L., Brunswick

… I want to travel again.

“I love to travel with my family, and we had to cancel several trips during the pandemic, including a much anticipated visit to Japan. Canceling was the right thing to do to keep us safe and to slow the spread of COVID-19, but I miss discovering new places. I chose vaccination for many reasons, and one of them is so my family and I can get out and start exploring the world again.”

Ginger H., Savannah

… I trust the science and the data.

“I received the Covid vaccine on the very first day it was available in our district. I did this with zero hesitation or concern. I felt that it was important as a public health representative, that I be a leader and model for other people who may be worried, concerned, or on the fence about getting the vaccine. Since I had educated myself about the research and development of a vaccine, and as a nurse, I understood that information and trusted the science and data, I knew then it would be part of my responsibility to step up and show others that they could also trust the science and the data as well.”

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Jodi W., St. Simons Island

… I can reconnect with family and friends.

“I chose vaccination to help reduce risk of infection and protect myself and others. It helped me reconnect with family and friends and minimize the use of a mask while around others who have been vaccinated.”

Lissabelle M., Hinesville