Percentage of Positive Tests

Test positivity can be a helpful indicator of COVID-19 transmission in your community. If a higher percentage of tests come back positive for COVID-19, that likely means there is more virus circulating in the area. A lower positivity rate likely means less viral transmission.

How should I interpret the numbers?

Levels of positivity are grouped as follows:

  • Red: greater than 10%
  • Yellow: 5-10%
  • Green: less than 5%

These graphs show the percentage of COVID-19 tests that were positive in residents of each county since early June. These statistics include specimens collected from a range of providers, including public health, private physicians, urgent care centers, and hospitals.

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Note: The graph will be updated weekly, and will reflect the positivity rates of the week prior. The reporting delay allows for the majority of test results to be processed by the lab so more accurate percentages can be determined.

Graph will be updated each Monday with data through the previous Friday.