I know my health affects the health of those I’m around.

Getting the COVID-19 vaccine was the right decision for me because I trust the scientific development of this vaccine technology (30 years in the making of mRNA vaccines), I knew the potential effects of COVID-19 infection, and I wanted to do everything in my power to not be a liability to those around me. Although I wasn’t fearful for my own life, I got the vaccine because I know that my health affects the health of those I’m around.

Additionally, as a Christian, I try to live by the example of Christ. He taught that we should consider others as more important than ourselves and lay down our lives (and preferences) for others. I was able to do this by taking the vaccine so that I can serve others by remaining a safe person to be around.

Although others may have their own reasons for getting the vaccine or for declining it, these are my reasons for receiving it. I daily recommend it to all of my friends, family members, coworkers, and patients.

-Mary Ellen S., Savannah