I trust the science and the data.

I received the Covid vaccine on the very first day it was available in our district. I did this with zero hesitation or concern. I felt that it was important as a public health representative, that I be a leader and model for other people who may be worried, concerned, or on the fence about getting the vaccine.

Since I had educated myself about the research and development of a vaccine, and as a nurse, I understood that information and trusted the science and data, I knew then it would be part of my responsibility to step up and show others that they could also trust the science and the data as well. Additionally, since I would be tasked with administering many of the vaccinations myself, it was imperative for me to be a comfort to people who would come to the clinics that were anxious (and there have been many who have fallen into that category). It was very helpful to be able to explain to them that I had had the vaccine myself, listen to their concerns, and answer any questions. And by sharing my personal experience with the vaccine, it immediately made them feel better, and that they had made the right decision, too.

Now that my children are eligible, they’re getting vaccinated, too. It’s the right choice for my entire family.

Jodi W., St. Simons Island

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